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No Man's Sky

Review: No Man’s Sky

Aug 22, 2016No Comments

When Hello Games announced No Man’s Sky back in 2013, I was sold on the concept. Playing through a game with a whole universe to explore sounded fantastic – and this idea also captured the attention of gamers and press alike. It was easy to see that the game was

Defect SDK F1

Review: Defect SDK

Aug 17, 2016



Supergirl Is Coming To LEGO Dimensions

Aug 16, 2016No Comments

With just over a month until LEGO Dimensions series 2 hits the shelves, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed that another DC Comics character is joining the ever growing roster, Supergirl is coming. Announcing the news at Gamescom, Warner revealed that starting in late September, LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs for

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