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Review: NBA Playgrounds

Jun 05, 2017No Comments

In a world of serious sports sims the gap in the market for a fun pick up and play experience was there to be exploited; now awakening the long-dead ghost of NBA Jam, enter NBA Playgrounds. Developer: Saber Interactive Publisher: Mad Dog Games Reviewed on: Xbox One Also Available On: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows,

Review: Mr. Shifty

Apr 19, 2017

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Preview: Woven

Sep 06, 2016No Comments

With a bright and colourful 3D open world, some good old-fashioned point and click navigation, and whimsical charm, Alterego Games’ Woven has all the ingredients for the perfect family-friendly experience. Developer: Alterego Games Previewed on: PC Release Date: TBC. Currently on Kickstarter While the game is just about to kick off a

Preview: Mech Wars

May 23, 2016

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Football Manager 18: Experiment – Mega Bucks in the Conference

Jan 15, 2018No Comments

Hey look, its Football Manager content on The Palace of Wisdom! Welcome to the new world order… In the previous incarnations of the game I have always written standard story saves, and whilst these are fun to do and often exciting if I end up at your particular team –