Thoughts on PlayStation VR

Oct 17, 2016No Comments

Sony has been holding events throughout Ireland to hold public demonstrations of their PlayStation VR headsets, to which I was in attendance to try out some

Virtual experiences are important for Virtu...

Sep 08, 2016No Comments

Virtual Reality has been available for gamers for the past five months. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are out on the market, and PlayStation

Thoughts on Star Wars Trials on Tatooine

Jul 20, 2016No Comments

Last weekend, I was able to go to Star Wars Celebrations in London. While going to panels, and stockpiling on comics and books, I had the

Unearth a World of Fragmented Time in Pluto

Jun 09, 2016No Comments

John is an engineer. He has a computer, a daughter and an estranged Aunt Mo, from whom he fortunately inherits a collection of rather odd

Ready Player 2 61: Got Rekt?

May 24, 2016No Comments

A troublesome trio of Lee, Lewis and Rich return to a regularly featured format! The guys talk about the games they played this week: Overwatch

Bluehole Studios Bringing TERA to Consoles

May 18, 2016No Comments

The MMO seems be becoming increasingly popular in the console realm. With recent years spawning the likes of The Crew, DC Universe, The Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny, it

Ready Player 2 60: Ducktales

Apr 27, 2016No Comments

It’s been a long time since we last recorded and released and episode, so here is a new one! The episode features: Lee talking about

Oculus Rift Shipments Suffer Delay Due To C...

Apr 12, 2016No Comments

Two weeks ago, Oculus announced they were working through an “unexpected component shortage” and as a result the original shipping estimates for some early customers

EGX Rezzed Preview: Playstation VR + The Pl...

Apr 10, 2016No Comments

With first VR shipments slowly beginning to trickle through, the status of Sony’s very own virtual reality headset remains comfortably ‘in development’. As a smattering

Google Planning to Release New VR Headset T...

Feb 10, 2016No Comments

Google is developing a new VR headset and is expected to be released this year, according to a report from the Financial Times. This headset

Red Wine Gamers 11: Pixels, Badgers & ...

Sep 10, 2013No Comments

For Episode 11 of Red Wine Gamers we’ve gone all out and not broken any sections of the show or had technical hiccups at all.

Tokyo Game Show: Sources Claim, PS4 VR Head...

Sep 06, 2013No Comments

Reportedly Sony’s rumored Virtual Reality headset for the PlayStation 4 was supposed to appear at gamescom last month but sources close to the matter said the