Review: Mr. Shifty

Apr 19, 2017No Comments

Here’s the deal. You go in, you grab the goods, you take down anyone in your path. No hanging around, no funny-business. Got it? That’s

Tear it Up as a Shrink-Ray-Wielding Gorilla...

Oct 10, 2016No Comments

The alpha for Matt Debrowski’s indie shooter-brawler-RPG-co-op mega-game, Streets of Rogue is now ready for action, and as its abundant hyphen-ing might well suggest, it’s certainly got a lot

Break, Enter and Stay Alive in Hello Neighb...

Sep 30, 2016No Comments

Just because tinyBuild have a reputation for cute comedic choices embezzled with retro flair, doesn’t mean things can’t get a little sinister every now and again.

Cry Car-abunga in Physics-Based Platformer ...

Sep 21, 2016No Comments

Clustertruck – sprung from indie developer Landfall Games – sounds like Nathan Drake’s idea of the perfect summer getaway. Set against a variety of suspended landscapes, the

Go on an Anti-Adventure in Diaries of a Spa...

Sep 18, 2016No Comments

Take in the Trash. Outer space might be filled with brain-squeezing vacuum and brushes with alien nasties, but at least the prices out there are decent.

tinyBuild Announces Management Sim Party Ha...

Aug 20, 2016No Comments

Punch Club publisher tinyBuild has announced a new spin-off for cult hit Party Hard, this time allowing players to break out their management moves in “the most accurate nightclub

Lovely Planet Arcade Headed to Steam This M...

Jul 17, 2016No Comments

When you’re finding DOOM’s demon-decapitation a little hard on the eyes, or just not feeling the DNA-splicings of Bioshock it’s reassuring to know that there’s a shooter out there with (albeit ironically)

“G2A sold $450k Worth of Our Games...

Jun 22, 2016No Comments

An indie developer has claimed that a well-known PC-key resale website has sold over $450,000 worth of its games, without remunerating the creators. In an email