The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886, Backwards Thinking

Aug 10, 2015No Comments

2015 has been great so far hasn’t it? A time where a lot of people are pushing forward with new ideas for gameplay and what we

EGX Preview: The Order 1886

Oct 15, 2014No Comments

Back in April of this year, a friend of mine had gotten his hands on The Order 1886 to play through a demo for the first

Gamescom 2014: New The Order 1886 Trailer &...

Aug 12, 2014No Comments

Along with a new trailer from Ready at Dawn, the studio have also revealed that the “Mad Scientist” Nikola Tesla will be a pivotal character in

Back to the Fuhrer: Do we miss World War II...

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10 years ago, we were bombarded by World War II themed First Person Shooter Games. Medal of Honor, Day of Defeat, Shell Shocked, Wolfenstein, Call

E3: Sony announce The Order: 1886

Jun 11, 2013No Comments

Something new has come from Sony’s E3 briefing, in the form of The Order: 1886. Developed by Ready at Dawn, the game will  follow a