The LEGO Batman Movie



Review: LEGO Batman Movie – The Batmo...

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LEGO certainly don’t need a reason to keep releasing Batman sets, except this time they actually do; following the success of The LEGO Movie, the



Review: LEGO Batman Movie – Mr. Freez...

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If “Everything is Awesome” was the theme of 2014, then surely this year it will be “Everything is Awesome in black” with the upcoming release

The Bat Is Back In New LEGO Batman Movie Se...

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One of the big stars of 2014’s The LEGO Movie has returned for his own big-screen adventure, the LEGO Batman Movie. The master-builder with a

LEGO Unveil LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures

Nov 23, 2016No Comments

LEGO have announced their next series of Minifigures; The LEGO Batman Movie. With the movie due out in February, the series choice makes sense, and

‘Dawn Of LEGO’: The LEGO Batman...

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With just over three months until release, The LEGO Batman movie has released another awesome-infused trailer. In addition to featuring a number of scenes that

New LEGO Batman Movie Poster Released

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A new poster for the brickular Dark Knight has been revealed, ahead of The LEGO Batman Movie’s official release on February 10 2017. In keeping with The LEGO

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: New LEGO Batman M...

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With the talk of Justice League and Wonder Woman, it’s easy to overlook the other big Batman related franchise from DC and Warner Bros., The LEGO

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: The LEGO Batman M...

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Events over at San Diego Comic Con are well and truly underway, and to celebrate the annual convention’s second day, a new poster has been revealed

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: The LEGO Batman M...

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Whilst The LEGO Batman Movie won’t be released till next year, it looks as though we’re still getting plenty of news to hold on to until February

New LEGO Batman Movie Images Revealed

Jul 21, 2016No Comments

The LEGO Batman Movie is set to release next year, starring Will Arnett as the gruff-voiced vigilante. Whilst a barrage of references to the Gotham’s brooding protector

First Teaser for The LEGO Batman Movie

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The first teaser trailer has arrived for The LEGO Batman Movie. Starring Will Arnett, in a reprisal of his role in The LEGO Movie, this

First Look at The LEGO Batman Movie

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With all of this week’s focus on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems that another Caped Crusader is not quite ready to let