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Marvel, Square Enix Announce Multi-Game Par...

Jan 27, 2017No Comments

Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix have agreed a multi-year deal which will see a series of video games based on the comic book superheroes. Up

It’s a bloodbath in the Hitman 101 Ga...

Jan 17, 2017No Comments

After the initial alarm bells sounded following Square Enix’s decision to turn their latest title in the Hitman series into a six-part episodic release, all faired well

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Pre-order ...

Aug 25, 2016No Comments

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been receiving good reviews from gaming websites for across the board. The PC port has had some troubles, but other than

Final Fantasy XV Delayed Until November

Aug 15, 2016No Comments

Final Fantasy XV has been delayed, publisher Square Enix has confirmed. While previously scheduled for launch on September 30, the game is now expected to arrive two

Square Enix Reveal New Spider-Man, Venom an...

Jun 27, 2016No Comments

Publisher Square Enix has revealed the newest additions to their Play Arts Kai range of action figures. Coming later this year, the upcoming posables include new

Life is Strange Publisher Invites Players t...

May 26, 2016No Comments

If you’re a Life is Strange fan based in the Chicago area, you might be interested to hear that publisher Square Enix is inviting players of Dontnod’s

Hitman Dev Has “Considered” Blo...

May 21, 2016No Comments

Hitman is one of the most popular series in the stealth genre. Equipped with evasion, disguises and a host of diverse, creative ways in which to

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s...

May 19, 2016No Comments

Those who missed out on the original wave of Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be pleased to hear that 10,000 more copies have been produced, it

Unseen Lara Croft Short Found After Almost ...

Apr 25, 2016No Comments

Made almost 20 years ago for the release of Tomb Raider 3, an old tape containing a never before seen Lara Croft short was only recently found (via.

Final Fantasy XV’s Deluxe and Collect...

Mar 31, 2016No Comments

During Square Enix’s presentation Final Fantasy: Uncovered, it was revealed today that the newest game in the RPG franchise, Final Fantasy XV, will be getting both Deluxe



Review: Hitman Episode One: The Kotaku

Mar 19, 2016No Comments

The Hitman series has been around for nearly 16 years and started all the way back on PC back in 2000. Now after months of

More Details on Thief Movie Revealed

Mar 06, 2016No Comments

A film based on Square Enix’s video game series Thief was recently reported to be now under way, after having been reported as ‘in the works’ back in