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Sonic the Hedgehog



Review: LEGO Dimensions – Sonic The Hedge...

Dec 01, 2016No Comments

He’s 25 years old this year, he’s blue, he’s spiky, he’d give Usain Bolt some decent competition. He’s the flagship character for one of the biggest

Ready Player 2 67: Stick Your Head in a Ble...

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In true Ready Player 2 fashion, this episode was recorded nearly 4 weeks ago and we’re only now releasing it because… reasons! In this episode

San-Diego Comic-Con 2016: New Sonic The Hed...

Jul 26, 2016No Comments

During the celebrations at San Diego Comic-Con, SEGA revealed that their spiky blue mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog will be returning next year in a brand new game,

Leaked: LEGO Dimensions Sonic Figure Images...

Jul 02, 2016No Comments

As was announced last month by developer Traveller’s Tales, Sonic the Hedgehog is just one of the newest franchises headed soon to toys-to-life adventure game LEGO

LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Officially Announc...

Jun 09, 2016No Comments

Earlier today, we posted a rumour that the LEGO DIMENSIONS series two details were about to be released. As it turns out, that rumour was accurate,

Let’s Play: Sonic the Hedgehog –...

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Our heroes meet for one last time in the game of Sonic the Hedgehog and try to tackle the Scrap Brain Zone. So check out

Let’s Play: Sonic the Hedgehog –...

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Get ready for Hipster & Gazebo talk while our heroes continue to play the 1991 Mega Drive (Genesis) classic Sonic the Hedgehog. Thank you for

Let’s Play: Sonic the Hedgehog –...

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Carrying on with the 1991 Mega Drive (Genesis) classic Sonic the Hedgehog and our heroes are still bimbling around the Spring Yard Zone. Thank you

Let’s Play: Sonic the Hedgehog –...

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Carrying on with the 1991 classic Mega Drive (Genesis) title Sonic the Hedgehog, and our heroes have made their way to the Marble Zone. Expect

Let’s Play: Sonic the Hedgehog –...

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It’s the 23rd Birthday of a well know super-fast blue animal. So to celebrate, Will, Lauren and Chris are playing that 1991 SEGA classic –

The Podcast of Wisdom 33: Live Birth Podcas...

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In this Official Episode of the Podcast of Wisdom, our Heroes discuss but are not limited to: Anchorman: The Legend Continues Clerks III (and Clarks

New Sonic game announced: Nintendo and SEGA...

May 17, 2013No Comments

A new Sonic the Hedgehog title has been announced at the Nintendo Direct event. Sonic Lost World is described as an action-adventure platforming game, with