PlayStation VR

Thoughts on PlayStation VR

Oct 17, 2016No Comments

Sony has been holding events throughout Ireland to hold public demonstrations of their PlayStation VR headsets, to which I was in attendance to try out some

Virtual experiences are important for Virtu...

Sep 08, 2016No Comments

Virtual Reality has been available for gamers for the past five months. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are out on the market, and PlayStation

Ready Player 2 65: Owl Binoculars – T...

Jul 07, 2016No Comments

Many moons ago, you may remember the biggest gaming event of the year, E3. Well this episode hears the returning El, Lee, Lewis and Rich

Ready Player 2 62: Virtual Jam Flavoured Gi...

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

As you may have heard in previous episodes, Lee likes VR. He REALLY likes it. So instead of water boarding you all of his invaluable

Sony Confirms E3 2016 Press Conference Deta...

May 17, 2016No Comments

According to recent invitations sent out by Sony (via. GameSpot), the date for the company’s E3 2016 press conference has been confirmed. The Sony press

PS4 Neo Appears on Distributor’s Fina...

May 13, 2016No Comments

Rumours that Sony has a new, more powerful version of the PS4 in the works continue to grow. Whilst numerous sources have suggested that the

EGX Rezzed Preview: Playstation VR + The Pl...

Apr 10, 2016No Comments

With first VR shipments slowly beginning to trickle through, the status of Sony’s very own virtual reality headset remains comfortably ‘in development’. As a smattering

EGX Rezzed Preview: The Assembly

Apr 09, 2016No Comments

An enigmatic organisation has been experimenting in secret. Free from the constraints of law, the government and societal morals, The Assembly’s surreal tone and thoughtful narrative themes

Star Wars Battlefront is Coming to Playstat...

Mar 16, 2016No Comments

Electronic Arts has confirmed that its vibrant Star Wars shooter Star Wars Battlefront will be heading to Playstation VR. Sony has partnered with DICE, EA and Lucasfilm to create an

PlayStation VR Release Date and Price Annou...

Mar 15, 2016No Comments

Sony have finally pulled back the curtain on their virtual reality plans by announcing both the release date and price of their PlayStation 4 exclusive

Google Planning to Release New VR Headset T...

Feb 10, 2016No Comments

Google is developing a new VR headset and is expected to be released this year, according to a report from the Financial Times. This headset

Will Virtual Reality be Successful in the G...

Feb 08, 2016No Comments

2016 is going to be a big year for gaming – in this year alone we are likely to see Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive