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Deadpool 2 – The Trailer

Mar 22, 2018No Comments

Deadpool 2 has released its first full trailer. Following two teasers, the film’s first ‘official’ trailer gives us an idea of the main plot, with

Meet Cable in New Deadpool 2 Trailer

Feb 07, 2018No Comments

A new trailer has dropped for the Deadpool sequel. Introducing us to Josh Brolin’s Cable, the trailer is full of action and Deadpool quips, including

First Poster for Deadpool Sequel

Nov 09, 2017No Comments

Ryan Reynolds has revealed the first poster for Deadpool 2. Coming via the actor’s Twitter, the poster confirms shows the main characters sitting down for

Deadpool Characters Returning for Sequel

Jan 14, 2017No Comments

The writers of Deadpool have revealed that the sequel will see our anti-hero once again joined by characters from the first outing. During an interview



Review: Deadpool

Feb 11, 2016No Comments

Riddled with cancer and a desire to do right by the love of his life, Wade Wilson agrees to undergo a secretive treatment that gives

New Deadpool Posters Released

Jan 14, 2016No Comments

20th Century Fox have released three new posters for Deadpool. Continuing the marketing push that the movie is currently in the middle of, these new

New Deadpool Trailer Released

Dec 25, 2015No Comments

The promised culmination of #12DaysOfDeadpool, 20th Century Fox have released new red and green-band trailers for Deadpool. The red band clip comes complete with a

New Deadpool IMAX Poster and Teaser Trailer

Dec 22, 2015No Comments

IMAX have served up today’s latest entrant in #12DaysOfDeadpool with a new poster and teaser trailer for the movie’s supersize release. The artwork features the Merc with

New Deadpool Poster

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

A ‘cheeky’ new poster has been released for the much-anticipated Deadpool movie. There isn’t much to be said about the new image that doesn’t speak

It’s Finally Here: Deadpool Trailer O...

Aug 05, 2015No Comments

*It goes without saying that the main trailer included here contains strong language and is not suitable for all ages. We have included the green

Deadpool Footage Coming Soon, Says Reynolds

Jul 13, 2015No Comments

For those of us not lucky enough to be in San Diego this past weekend for Comic-Con, wanting the Deadpool trailer shown at the event

Deadpool Will Be Rated R

Apr 02, 2015No Comments

Looks like Ryan Reynolds got us. Mere hours after admitting that Deadpool had been given a PG-13 certificate, the actor was ‘interviewed’ by Extra TV