Ready Player 2 37: Great Scott! It’s ...

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Great Scott! It’s episode… 37? You read that right, this is the long lost episode 37 (Kind of). Rich, Ross, Lewis & “El” shot the breeze back

Minecraft Mario Pack Announced for Wii U

May 09, 2016No Comments

Nintendo have announced that Minecraft for Wii U will be getting a free Mario mash-up back. Officially announced on their official website, Nintendo will be pairing

From Diamond Swords to Gold Stars: Microsof...

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“Can we change the way we learn?” asks the Minecraft Education information page. A question to ask that 20 years ago may have sounded odd for a

Minecon Sets New World Record

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If you just happened to be out and about in London this past weekend, then you may have noticed a rather large amount of youngsters

Red Wine Gamers 28: Delays, Name-Dropping &...

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We are back dear listeners… well most of us anyway. After leaving for Scotland Chris has returned and after leaving for London’s District Line, so

Minecraft: Assembling Avengers Part IV R...

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This is Part IV of the Assembling Avengers series which sees a different Marvel Avenger created in Minecraft on each video. With Cap, Iron Man

Minecraft: Assembling Avengers Part III ...

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This is Part III of the Assembling Avengers series which sees a different Marvel Avenger created in Minecraft on each video. With Captain America and

Minecraft: Assembling Avengers Part II R...

Jun 20, 2014No Comments

Continuing on from Part I, this is the second video in the Assembling Avengers series, where each video showcases the Minecraft construction of an Avenger.

Minecraft: Assembling Avengers Part I ̵...

Jun 17, 2014No Comments

Cutting edge as always, the Unhinged Gamer has finally played Minecraft, four years after everyone else in the world. Anyway, the platinum has been collected

GamesCom: Minecraft Coming to PS4, PS3 ...

Aug 21, 2013No Comments

Minecraft is making it’s way to the PlayStation 4 for the console’s launch, Sony announced at their GamesCom presentation. This news is no surprise as

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition delayed

Apr 13, 2013No Comments

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has been delayed. Originally scheduled for April 30, it will now be released on June 4, according to Major

Minecraft maker not looking to sell

Feb 05, 2013No Comments

The developers of Minecraft have said that they will not be selling their company. Mojang made the hit game, and have already rebuffed several buyout