Guide: Lego Marvel Superheroes Minikits Wal...

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TT games have finally brought together the LEGO and Marvel franchises to create LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.As with all LEGO games, this latest incarnation is full

The Geek Show 11: We can’t get timing...

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In this week’s Episode of The Geek Show, Andrew and Mike mostly talk about: Marvel Apple’s Issues The best LEGO Ever New Ways to Charge

LEGO launch Back to the Future set

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LEGO have announced that they will be releasing a Back to the Future toy as part of their LEGO CUUSOO project. The LEGO CUUSOO scheme

The Lego Movie Videogame Announced

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The official videogame tie-in for The Lego Movie has been announced Originally titled ‘The Lego Movie Videogame’, the outing comes from Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Coming to iOS, Yoda is

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LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles has been announced for iOS. Enabling players to either quest as Yoda himself, or Count Dooku, they can opt for

LEGO do Man of Steel

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LEGO have released images of their new Man of Steel  playset.   The Metropolis Showdown set pits Henry Cavill’s Superman against Michael Shannon’s Zod.  

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Announcement

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Loved LEGO Batman 2? Of course you did, it was a love letter to DC done in a LEGO style. More of a Marvel fan?