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Review: Beauty and the Beast

Mar 20, 2017No Comments

A classic tale re-imagined, with village girl Belle finding herself imprisoned by a beast looking for love, while a popular and handsome prince has aims

Beauty and the Beast has Record-Breaking Op...

Mar 19, 2017No Comments

Walt Disney’s new live-action re-telling of Beauty and the Beast has enjoyed a staggering opening weekend – taking in $350 million worldwide. Bringing in £170

T2 Trainspotting’s Begbie Returns In ...

Jan 12, 2017No Comments

Since the existence of a Trainspotting sequel had been confirmed in 2016 with an exciting looking trailer, I along with many other have been looking forward to

Announcement Trailer for Trainspotting Sequ...

May 16, 2016No Comments

Sony Pictures have released an announcement trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to Trainspotting. Comprising of clips from the original movie, the trailer for T2 –

The Force Awakens Cameos Confirmed *Spoiler...

Dec 22, 2015No Comments

*SPOILER WARNING* The following article contains minor plot details for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and will spoil the movie if you have not yet



Retrospective: Star Wars Episode III: Reven...

Dec 13, 2015No Comments

After striking out with The Phantom Menace and doing little to inspire confidence with Attack of the Clones, George Lucas takes one more crack at



Retrospective: Star Wars Episode II: Attack...

Dec 12, 2015No Comments

Determined to prove the critics and doubters wrong and show the world that he is capable of making another good Star Wars movie, George Lucas



Retrospective: Star Wars Episode I: The Pha...

Dec 11, 2015No Comments

After countless revisits to the Star Wars cash well, with special editions and re-releases of the original trilogy, George Lucas decides to go ahead and take

The Geek Show 75: Attack of the Prequels

Nov 26, 2015No Comments

After a month, our heroes have returned and in Jedi form to continue our ongoing ’30 Days Of Star Wars’ event leading up to the

Watch a scene from Jack the Giant Slayer ri...

Feb 13, 2013No Comments

IGN have put up a video of a scene taken directly from Bryan Singer’s over the top Fantasy adaptation of Jack the Giant Killer called