Brock Lesner

Ring the Bell: The Ring Road to Wrestlemani...

Mar 11, 2017No Comments

As we speed down that now oh so familiar Road to Wrestlemania like sliding down a greasy flume, Andrew & Coleman need to get up to

Ring the Bell: A Network Launches & Le...

Mar 04, 2014No Comments

We’ve thrown you people a bone and taken all the missing content from Episode 15 and made a fully fledged extra show for you awesome

Ring the Bell: WWE Royal Rumble ’14

Jan 28, 2014No Comments

We are officially back on that old too familiar Yellow brick road that leads to the grandest stage of them all… no not  Emerald City,

Ring the Bell: The Animal Unleashed

Jan 23, 2014No Comments

Oh man it is the Raw before Royal Rumble and you know what that means, the Road to Wrestlemania is almost here! But before we

Ring the Bell: WWE SummerSlam ’13

Aug 27, 2013No Comments

In this Episode of Ring the Bell, we perform the Per-Per-View Review on the the Biggest Party of the Summer (Apparently) with WWE’s huge SummerSlam

Is Vince McMahon’s Injury kayfabe?

Jan 31, 2013No Comments

Vince McMahon‘s hip problems are said to be a legitimate injury. At the end of Raw last Monday night we saw McMahon receive Brock Lesner‘s