Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

May 21, 2014No Comments

Forget Ben Affleck and his moody monochrome picture, this is the Batman we’re looking forward too the most! Warner Bros. Interactive have launched a brand new trailer

Red Wine Gamers 15: The Night Before Extra ...

Nov 02, 2013No Comments

Prepare for one of the shortest and well organised episodes yet as the Red Wine Gamers are doing the show (almost) dry. No vino involved

Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

Oct 23, 2013No Comments

We are just a couple of days away from the release of Batman: Arkham Origins and man are the TPoWers excited. In an working attempt

Arkham Origins Coming to Mobile

Oct 13, 2013No Comments

Batman: Arkham Origins will soon be available on your mobile device. It was announced last night at the New York Comic Con that Warner Bros.

Red Wine Gamers 13: Eurogamer Expo 2013

Oct 09, 2013No Comments

It’s business as usual with the Red Wine Gamers for Episode 13, except for one tiny detail… we’re back from the Eurogamer Expo 2013. Listen

Eurogamer Expo: More details on Bruce Wayne...

Sep 30, 2013No Comments

More information has been offered on the new DLC available for Batman: Arkham Origins. Last week we reported on a special Season Pass which, when

Eurogamer Expo: Batman Arkham Origins Previ...

Sep 28, 2013No Comments

After being thwarted by the queues on my first day at the Expo, I started my second day by heading straight for the already-burgeoning queue

Batman: Arkham Origins season pass announce...

Sep 26, 2013No Comments

A Season Pass has been confirmed for Batman: Arkham Origins. Coming at a cost of £15.99/$19.99 (giving a saving of £12/$10), those who buy it

Batman: Arkham Origins Leaked Beta Footage

Sep 19, 2013No Comments

Batman: Arkham Origins’ multiplayer mode is currently in Beta and because of which, comes under a rather heavy user agreement. Well that’s not going to

gamescom: Awesome New Arkham Origins Traile...

Aug 20, 2013No Comments

Batman: Arkham Origins has debuted a new trailer, giving us first looks at the Batcave, Alfred, Gordon and a new enemy. The 2-minute clip shows

The Podcast of Wisdom 41: Bat-Stabbed

Aug 14, 2013No Comments

In this week’s episode of The Podcast of Wisdom, the boys have returned from their week off and have got quite a bit to talk

Red Wine Gamers 9: The System is Down

Aug 13, 2013No Comments

In Episode 9 of Red Wine Gamers, Chris & Neil are recovering from a multitude of technical issues whilst going through a re-brand of the