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Red Dwarf

Created By:Rob Grant and Doug Naylor
Starring:Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Chloe Annett, Norman Lovett, Hattie Hayridge
Series Debut:February 15, 1988
No. of Series:11
After a radiation leak wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf, Dave Lister awakens from stasis 3 million years in the future to discover that his only companions are a hologram of his dead bunk-mate and a creature who evolved from his cat.



Review: Red Dwarf XII Episode Two – Siliconia

Every so often, a TV show will do something extraordinary, it will nail everything in an episode without fault, surprise its viewers and ultimately create what will go on to become one of its most iconic moments. Red Dwarf has a few of them from its lengthy history. Among them, series 6’s Gunmen of the Apocalypse, an episode beloved by many,



Review: Red Dwarf XII Episode One – Cured

After nearly a year, the wait is finally over as Red Dwarf XII hits this coming week. With 2016 fully reinvigorating the long-running sci-fi comedy thanks to solid storylines, stellar comic timing and a back-to-basics approach which saw some of the best episodes of the show in two decades. On such good form after so long, it’s hard, as a

New Red Dwarf XII Trailer Released

Following the monumental return of the ‘boys from the Dwarf’ in 2016, we are now just a few weeks away from series XII. The cult classic sci-fi comedy returns to screens on Thursday, October 12th on UK TV channel Dave and ahead of the release the show’s makers have released a brand new trailer…we cannot wait! Continuing the adventures of the

Red Dwarf LEGO Ideas Submission Reaches Target

We previously reported on a Red Dwarf fan’s mission to give the world a chance to own brick version of Lister, Kryten and co. via LEGO Ideas, and now we are extremely happy to report that the submitted set has reached the desired 10,000 supporters mark. Bob Turner’s set reached the target of Achieved Support earlier this week, and will now



Review: Red Dwarf XI Episode Six – Can Of Worms

So here we are, the final episode of Red Dwarf XI and what a treat the series has been. The show, which is now entertaining the third generation of fans in my family, has been a monumental success story this year, taking to the age of social media and instant critique with joyous ease. It’s been no easy feat, with the



Review: Red Dwarf XI Episode Five – Krysis

So here we are already, the penultimate episode of Red Dwarf XI and nobody can deny that it’s been an impressive revival for the show, one which has exceeded all expectations and delivered the best episodes fans have seen in two decades. We’ve had a bit of time-travel, the perfect double-act, beautifully written science fiction and some of the funniest



Review: Red Dwarf XI Episode Four – Officer Rimmer

We’re now over halfway through Red Dwarf XI and the series has gone from strength to strength, becoming a global social media event each Thursday night. The fact that #CaptainBollocks was trending last week is a testament to how great the show has once again become, with fans in their droves hitting the social networks to share their love. Episode three

The LEGO Ideas Red Dwarf Set That Needs To Become A Reality

With Red Dwarf having been on our screens for nearly three decades and currently enjoying its best run of new episodes since the 1990s, there really couldn’t be a better time to expand on the merchandise available for the show. The last time the show was this popular, a certain brick-based toy company was struggling and looking for new ways