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The Palace Of Wisdom is currently a non-profit organisation and as such we do not offer paid writing opportunities.

Are you interested in writing about the things you love? Looking for somewhere to showcase your writing talent where there is already a fully established, guaranteed audience? Then keep reading….

The Palace Of Wisdom was created by fans for the fans and we want to grow our online community and continue to produce great, unique content for others to enjoy. Currently, we have a team split across three continents of writers, podcasters and video creators and we’re looking to expand that team by adding some new creative souls into the mix.

We’re looking for people who are passionate and enjoy writing about all the awesome things in today’s culture. Whether that be reviews, previews, news, opinion pieces, how-to guides, whatever your style, there’s a place at the Palace Of Wisdom. What we do ask, though, is that you use your initiative, your creativity and create content off your own back. We will always try our best to communicate anything we have that needs content but the main thing is that you can find a topic, an idea and run with it.

Our key focus areas are:

  • Video Games
  • Entertainment (Movies, TV)
  • Toys
  • Technology
  • Wrestling

We give all of our team the full support we can, whether that’s ideas, proof-reading, custom images and getting your work published and out to our audience. All work you produce that is published will have the benefit of being shared across all of our social media accounts, our Android and iOS apps and, if the content is relevant, on one of our multiple podcasts.

Though we cannot offer any paid positions, there may be occasional benefits as we work with a number of PR companies to provide content. These may include:

  • Free games for review purposes
  • Other products to review
  • Event Press Passes

In terms of requirements from you, we ask that you are Over 18 and that all content be written in English. We would also ask that you be willing to commit to at least one post every two weeks.

So are you interested in joining the team? If so, please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.