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Review: Thor: Ragnarok

Oct 27, 2017No Comments

After coming face to face with the recently released from exile Goddess of Death, Thor finds himself forced onto a journey of self-discovery. This adventure takes him to a strange new place, reunites him with a missing-in-action friend from work and forces him into new alliances as he prepares to

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Review: Red Dwarf XII Episode Six – Skipper

Nov 12, 2017No Comments

Ambivalence, a word I learned from Kryten many years ago (Series 8 during his pysch review, I believe), a good word to describe how one feels when we reach this point in a Red Dwarf series of late. That excitement for the finale is always mixed with a sense of sadness

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Changing The Template: The Modernisation Of Icons

Jul 17, 2017No Comments

For the last few months now, Doctor Who fans have been trawling the media for clues as to who would follow in the footsteps of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor with a lot of speculation centred around what gender that successor should be. After 54 years as a male,


Marvel Comics Writer Moves to DC Comics

Nov 08, 2017No Comments

Brian Michael Bendis has jumped ship to DC Comics. The longtime Marvel writer, who helped create characters such as Jessica Jones and Miles Morales and has been the pen behind some of Marvel’s great comic book stories, has moved to DC Comics in a multi-year exclusive deal. DC announced the