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You can find my dulcet words all over WWE articles or hear my dulcet tones on Ring the Bell and occasionally The Geek Show.

Ready Player 2: Birthday Podcast

Mar 28, 2018No Comments

Five Years… FIVE FLIPPING YEARS! Well isn’t that a turn up for the books? Five years ago Ross, Lewis, Rich and Cero set out to

Ready Player 2 72: Cyclical Gumption

Mar 22, 2018No Comments

Rich, Ross, El & Lee are your hosts to this week take you on a tour of all things video game related with the obvious

Ready Player 2 71: Everything is Bad Foreve...

Mar 06, 2018No Comments

Rich, Lee, Lewis and El are back in your ears as they ramble on for 90 mins about some games you’ll have heard of and

Ready Player 2 70: 75% Marshmallow

Feb 20, 2018No Comments

NEW PODCAST ALERT, SOUND THE ALARM! Hey, we are back with episode 70 of our fantastic podcast. Join us won’t you and listen to us

Ready Player 2 69: Accidentally Punched a C...

Feb 06, 2018No Comments

OH MY GAWD, WE ARE BACK!!! Back for good as the great Take That once proudly sang, Rich, El, Lee and Ross were all present

Football Manager 18: Experiment – Meg...

Jan 15, 2018No Comments

Hey look, its Football Manager content on The Palace of Wisdom! Welcome to the new world order… In the previous incarnations of the game I

Time for a WrestleMania Change?

Jan 02, 2018No Comments

Think back to 7 April 1986; this writer was a mere 2 years old, while something else also celebrating its second birthday that year was

Finish Him: A Look at Wrestling Finishers

Jun 10, 2017No Comments

Finishers. Every wrestler has one but only the best ones live on long after that performer has retired. The question I am asking today is,



Review: NBA Playgrounds

Jun 05, 2017No Comments

In a world of serious sports sims the gap in the market for a fun pick up and play experience was there to be exploited;

How Gronk Would Fit in WWE

Apr 18, 2017No Comments

Following on from recent reports that there is a job waiting for New England Patriots’ tight-end Rob Gronkowski in World Wrestling Entertainment when he hangs

Ready Player 2 68: Wikispeedos

Nov 03, 2016No Comments

It’s time for another episode of Ready Player 2, where we talk about stuff and wrap some video games around the conversation so that we can

Ready Player 2 67: Stick Your Head in a Ble...

Aug 31, 2016No Comments

In true Ready Player 2 fashion, this episode was recorded nearly 4 weeks ago and we’re only now releasing it because… reasons! In this episode