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Preview: Factorio

Sep 24, 2014No Comments

I’ve been spending some time with Factorio, a unique new crafting game from a small team in Prague. Currently available as a paid alpha. Its almost

Review: Battlefield 4

Nov 10, 2013No Comments

I’m a fan of Battlefield, I may not be the oldest veteran of the series but I have logged enough hours in 2142 to gain

Google Android Developer talks latest Ouya ...

May 27, 2013No Comments

Dan Morrill who the is Android Open Source & Compatibility Tech Lead has a write up of the latest Ouya OS update. He expresses several concerns about

Preview: Teslagrad

May 27, 2013No Comments

Teslagrad is an interesting new puzzle platfomer from Norwegian developers Rain Games and we were lucky enough to play an alpha copy. Set in a Steampunk

Freemium, Premium, and the Boundaries of Pr...

Feb 12, 20131 Comment

With the recent release of Dead Space 3, now seems like a good time to talk about micro-transactions and gaming monetisation in general. A lot of people

Preview: Firefall

Feb 08, 2013No Comments

I’ve been spending a little bit of time with the semi open beta of Firefall from red5 studios. It’s an open world class based MMO FPS with