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EA announce drop in profits; FIFA and The S...

Jan 31, 2013No Comments

EA have reported their earnings for the third quarter of the 2013 fiscal year. The company announced that they had made $922 million (which was

Undertaker-WrestleMania 29 update

Jan 30, 2013No Comments

The Undertaker’s status for WrestleMania 29 is up in the air. PWInsider are reporting that in the last few days, the story going around backstage

First stills from The Muppets sequel; plot ...

Jan 30, 20131 Comment

The first stills from the Ricky Gervais-starring Muppets sequel have been released   The Muppets…Again! sees the titular characters in London this time round, world

The Hobbit passes two Lord of the Rings mov...

Jan 30, 2013No Comments

The Hobbit has surpassed Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers in box office takings. This past weekend saw the first part in Peter

Potential Iron Man 3 MAJOR Spoilers

Jan 30, 2013No Comments

[alert type=”red”]SPOILER WARNING – Potential major plot points are discussed in this article.[/alert] Earlier today, we reported on the upcoming release of a new toy

Apple announce 128GB iPad

Jan 30, 2013No Comments

Apple have announced a new iPad 4 with 128GB of storage. The iPad – the first iDevice to boast that amount of internal storage –

Epic Mickey developer closes

Jan 29, 2013No Comments

Game studio Junction Point has closed. The company – developer of the Epic Mickey games – was closed by parent company Disney, who confirmed the news

Are these the first leaked images of the iP...

Jan 29, 2013No Comments

Since the release of the iPad Mini, many have speculated that Apple will use the Mini’s look as major inspiration for when they come to

Justice League movie future hinging on Man ...

Jan 29, 20131 Comment

A release of a Justice League movie may depend on the box office success of Man of Steel. A report on IGN claims that Warner

Iron Man 3 Funko Announced

Jan 29, 2013No Comments

The Toy Fair is taking place soon, and over the last few days it has become a good place to find out spoilers for upcoming

New WWE Championship belt to debut tonight?

Jan 28, 2013No Comments

WWE may be preparing to introduce a new design for it’s WWE Championship belt. WrestleZone are reporting that there have been discussions about new WWE

Star Wars: Episode VII not out in 2015?

Jan 28, 2013No Comments

JJ Abrams may delay Star Wars: Episode VII. A report in The Hollywood Reporter claims that Abrams has not committed to Disney’s previously announced 2015