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Apple announces 40 billion apps downloaded

Jan 07, 2013No Comments

Apple have announced that the App Store has now registered over 40 billion downloads. The milestone was recently passed, and even more amazingly, nearly half

The Walking Dead: The Game sells 8.5million...

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The Walking Dead: The Game has sold 8.5 million episodes across all platforms. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, game maker TellTale’s co-founder and CEO

Finally, The Rock Has Come Back…Full ...

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As many know, last year saw The Rock return to WWE TV for his first WrestleMania match in 8 years. But his sporadic – and

New casting rumours for Guardians of the Ga...

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Much of the speculation when it comes to casting for Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy has focused on that of Star Lord. But let’s

James Bond games pulled from Steam and Acti...

Jan 04, 2013No Comments

It appears that Activision have removed all James Bond games from Steam and it’s own online store. 007 Legends, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, and Quantum of Solace

Mick Foley and Kevin Nash talk ‘the n...

Jan 04, 2013No Comments

The time: January 4 1999 In the WWF, It was a little over a year on from the Montreal Screwjob, it was entrenched in the

Everything that’s wrong with The Dark...

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A little while ago, we posted a video that highlighted everything wrong with The Avengers. For shame, Marvel. But hold on DC, you aren’t getting

Batman villains get mashed-up

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There are probably none more famous bad guys in comic books than those in the world of Gotham City. For years, Batman’s enemies have tried

Finally…The Rock is Back. But What To...

Jan 03, 2013No Comments

This coming Monday on Raw, The Rock will return to WWE TV for the first time since Raw 1000 back in July. His return to

Captain America sequel news

Jan 03, 2013No Comments

It seems that Steve Rogers’ love interest in the first Captain America film will not be back for it’s sequel. Hayley Atwell – who played

Are Apple already testing the iPhone 6?

Jan 03, 2013No Comments

Apple are already testing a new model of the iPhone 6, and iOS 7 software, a new report has claimed. The Next Web claim that

Sony stops development of PS2 in Japan

Jan 01, 2013No Comments

Sony have stopped developing the PlayStation 2 console in Japan. The manufacturer have announced that they will not provide any more consoles to retailers once