Football Manager 18: Experiment – Mega Bucks in the Conference

Hey look, its Football Manager content on The Palace of Wisdom! Welcome to the new world order…

In the previous incarnations of the game I have always written standard story saves, and whilst these are fun to do and often exciting if I end up at your particular team – Bolton FM16 represent – I felt this year it was time for something a little different, and whilst you might have seen similar experiments on YouTube before, this is different because it’s the first of its kind on TPoW!

How will they spend it ? Will one team buy its way to the EPL in just 4 years? It is possible but they’re going to have to spend serious money – and as a kicker I haven’t adjusted the reputation of any of the clubs, so to even get name-brand players on board they’re going to have to break the bank. Will a team go heavy on youth investment and spend a large chunk on getting the max level facilities to help grow the next (?) golden generation of England footballers?

So let me explain what’s actually happening. I’ve loaded up a brand new game and purchased the in-game editor from the steam workshop (£3.99, by the way) and i have delved deep into the Vanarama National league and like a football Santa Claus given every single team ONE BILLION DOLLARS (pounds sterling actually, but I wanted the movie reference) with a transfer budget of the exact same amount, every team also has the maximum allowed wage budget of £5 million.

So those are the basics; I’m going to holiday the game one year at a time in every post after this one to check on the progression of our minnows and also to see how all this money sloshing around the league helps, if at all, to improve the reputation of the National League.

Stay tuned…

The League’s current reputation


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