The Last Jedi Director Suggests to “Absolutely Avoid” New Trailer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is due to drop a brand new trailer tonight, however the film’s director has issued a warning to those waiting to see it.

To much anticipation and excitement, the new trailer will debut during ESPN’s Monday Night Football, but Rian Johnson has admitted that, while he enjoyed the trailer, it may be best to avoid it to ensure that you “come in clean” for the film’s release in December.

Replying on Twitter to someone who asked whether we should, as per previous advice from Johnson, skip everything until the movie is released, he said we should “absolutely avoid it”.

This raises the question of what exactly Disney have decided to include in the new footage, whether that be more developments with Luke Skywalker or the movie’s apparent big bad Supreme Leader Snoke.

Either way, there will be millions of people worldwide who will not heed Johnson’s advice and will watch the new trailer when it’s released. We, meanwhile, will decide whether to watch it ourselves or arrange for the work experience lad/tea boy to upload it to the site.

As stated, the new trailer debuts during Monday Night Football and should be online soon after, so for those in the UK it will likely mean a through-the-night release for you to wake up to tomorrow morning.

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