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Finish Him: A Look at Wrestling Finishers

Finishers. Every wrestler has one but only the best ones live on long after that performer has retired.

The question I am asking today is, what do you need for a good long-lasting finishing maneuver?

Well, Impact™ for one, and painful at the very least. It’s got to look like it could really be the move to finish your opponent in a fell swoop or make him tap instantly as the pain of the submission hold is too much to take.

I took to social media to garner opinion;

Andy hits the nail on the head with his response. The Canadian Destroyer, although not something you could hit on every opponent, looks devastating. The Roaring Elbow on the other hand, there is only one word to describe a move like that and that is ‘violence’. A spinning elbow smash to the face shot is a move that is regularly employed by members of the UFC, and easily fits the criteria of a move that looks like it could finish your opponent.

Justin gets two out of three right with his response. The Tombstone and Sweet Chin Music are two finishers that are forever synonymous with just two wrestlers, no matter how many times some tries to steal it for themselves…


On the other hand (or two fingers), the Mandible Claw is a move I have always had an issue with ever since Mankind debuted. In my opinion, it neither looks impactful or painful, and whilst I’m on my Mankind/Foley soapbox, I also have an issue with the double armed DDT finisher, which also seemed to lack both criteria.

When done right though, a DDT can be a thing of beauty and our very own Andrew hits the jackpot when mentioning the master of the DDT, one Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. With a simple twirl of the finger in the air he could whip an entire arena of people in to a frenzy of either despair or joy – depending on if he was face or heel, of course – before delivering one single move that 99% of the time put his opponent away for the 3 count.

My personal favorite, however, is the Diamond Cutter, performed of course by WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page. It filled both parts of my criteria; it looks super-impactful and also very painful. Now yes, I’m well aware it is basically the RKO, and yes Page probably “borrowed” it from Johnny Ace’s Ace Crusher, but nonetheless the sheer fact that Page is taller than both other guys and his height makes the impact looks much more devastating.

Now, if you’re thinking submission finishers couldn’t have the same impact you’re sadly mistaken. Just take a quick glace over to YouTube, if you don’t remember the days of the original ECW and WCW during the Monday Night Wars, and look for any video of Perry Saturn performing the Rings of Saturn, or maybe Chris Benoit locking in the Crippler Crossface. The true masters of submission wrestling can make any move look painful, with a prime example of this being Bret Hart. While The Sharpshooter may not look the most painful-looking move, anyone who has performed or been on the receiving end of this during your school days (remember, don’t try this at home), you’ll remember the immense pain shooting up and down your legs.

Yeah, they can’t all be winners…

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