How Gronk Would Fit in WWE

Following on from recent reports that there is a job waiting for New England Patriots’ tight-end Rob Gronkowski in World Wrestling Entertainment when he hangs up his cleats, I thought i’d have a look into the options available to him in the wrestling world were he to retire soon.

Now for those that follow the NFL, you’ll be well aware that Gronk has a history of injures, and quite serious ones. He’s had multiple back surgeries, broken arms and dislocations, and while these are mainly down to the hard-hitting nature of the NFL, I feel he would fair much much better in the wrestling ring.

As for making the transition to wrestling, I believe it could be done quite easily. I don’t think anyone is expecting him to come in and have a rookie year like Kurt Angle (oh, it’s true), I could see him being mostly used in high-profile tag-team matches with his friend Mojo Rawley – their friendship and history has already been established on WWE TV. While aesthetically that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a wrestling masterclass, it would however tick many boxes that Vince McMahon is known to look for;

High profile outside of WWE? Check.

Big frame? Check, seeing that Gronkowski is 6′ 6″ which, in WWE land, can be pushed to 6′ 8″, and weighs in at 265lbs, the ideal size for a WWE superstar.

What’s more, Gronkowski¬†could easily follow some of his predecessors in making the switch from NFL to WWE, with Goldberg, Vader and Roman Reigns among the more notable names. All of those guys have been placed in prominent positions in both WWE and wrestling companies worldwide throughout their careers, and if Gronk could easily pick up 3 and/or 5 moves – of doom – he could theoretically be given the World Championship.

Think I’m joking? Check out WWE’s Fastlane show from two months ago for proof that you don’t need to be able to work to win the belt.

If Gronk were to retire at the end of this upcoming NFL season, he would have a year to get into ring shape before WrestleMania 35, for I believe he would bypass NXT and jump straight into the tag-team division on Monday Night Raw with Rawley. This could be the boost the tag-team ranks need to finally get some recognition in WWE – I’d expect high-profile matches at SummerSlam, and while a match at WrestleMania would maybe not be high-profile, don’t rule out a gimmick match of some description.

Lastly, on a personal note it would also take away a massive weapon from one of my NFL team’s biggest rivals, so lets make this happen Gronk, WWE is waiting for you.

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