First Look at Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The first images from Kingsman: The Golden Circle have been released.

Coming from Entertainment Weekly, the new pictures show give us our first look at the returning Taron Egerton, plus new series cast members Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum, as well as more details about the film in general and quotes from the main cast and director Matthew Vaughn.

Whilst also revealing that he banned the number 2 from all marketing for the movie, Vaughn said;

“Just doing a sequel, you’re kind of violating that promise of originality. Sequelitis is a plague I have no interest in contracting.”

To combat this, the director has gotten more creative with some of the things we will see in this movie, including a mechanical attack dog as well as an electric lasso that can slice through those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of it.

The advancements on display in the follow-up are explained by Egerton, who also revealed his own personal development after the first Kingsman movie was his first-ever film role.

“If the first Kingsman was Captain America, “then this is very much The Avengers now…For the first one, I felt like if I wasn’t really good then it wouldn’t work. This time, the story still unfolds through my eyes but this is still a true ensemble piece. And also, I’ve had a bit more experience. I’m not asking the crew what every piece of camera equipment does.”

As well as Berry, Bridges and Tatum, the movie will also feature Game of Thrones‘ Pedro Pascal, with all four members of the Statesman, the American equivalent of the Kingsman. Julianne Moore plays Poppy, while Elton John will play himself. Mark Strong will also return as Merlin, while Colin Firth is widely expected to reprise his rolr as Harry, who was killed in the first outing. Firth, however, despite being on set in full costume, maintained his stance of refusing to confirm his involvement;

“I’ve read the rumors, but I can’t reveal if I’m even in this film…I got in the first Kingsman by virtue of my improbability. An actor known for chick flicks as a fighting badass. So given that irony, I’d say anything is possible.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is due for release on September 29.

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  1. Can’t wait for this absolutely loved the first one

    • Agreed, and looks like it is going to be even better!