The Rock Getting His Own Fast & Furious Spinoff?

Dwayne Johnson has revealed that a spinoff featuring his Fast & Furious character is in the works.

Speaking to MTV News, Johnson explained that Universal Pictures are keen to get to work on a movie focusing on Luke Hobbs, who Johnson has been playing since 2011’s Fast Five;

“Right now, I shared with the studio, let’s deliver 8 and hopefully have the world enjoy 8. Then we can come back to the table and talk about what a spinoff looks like because it is the studio’s intention to do that.

I’m not one to say, ‘Great! We’re gonna make 9 and 10 and 22 and then 109’. I’m one to do just one at a time, so we’ll see.”

So if Johnson’s plan is to wait and see how Fast & Furious 8 does at the box office before he signs a contract for a spinoff, news that the latest vehicular destruction epic has taken a record-breaking $532 million on its opening weekend surely suggests that contract won’t remain unsigned for very long.

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