The Terminator makes its way to Tabletop


I love the Terminator franchise, regardless how much two terrible sequels, a worse reboot or a Wrestlemania entrance tries to taint my emotions. Well, there’s reason to feel good about the murderous robots once more and I’m not talking about James Cameron regaining his movie rights in 2019 – though that is pretty damn exciting.

Originally announced last November, The Terminator: The Official Board Game has just had its very own Kickstarter campaign launched today.

The Terminator™: The Official Board Game is an asymmetrical strategy game for 2-5 players played across two boards: one in 1984 and one in 2029. One player takes control of all of Skynet’s forces: Hunter Killer machines, Terminator cyborgs, and more. The rest of the players take the role of the human resistance, struggling against the impossible odds of the machine uprising. Each of the two game boards play differently: 2029 focuses on light troop and resource management in a lopsided battle for dominance. 1984 focuses on personal missions with high stakes and intense pacing. Missions arise through the course of gameplay, and have players make decisions in 1984 that will affect the future, erasing and adding components in real time.

From the designer behind last year’s successful Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game, Taylor Smith and Lynnvander Studios – who have a decent history in creating games from existing licences, this looks to be in safe hands.

The Terminator: The Official Board Game is estimated to release at the end of the year.

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