Nintendo Unveil Their New Console


We now have further information regarding the Nintendo Switch that was not made apparent in its reveal video:

  • Physical games will run off of cartridges.
  • The detachable controllers are called “Joy-Cons.”
  • Nintendo has collaborated with Nvidia to create the Switch – that’s basically Shield technology you see in action.
  • Nintendo has published a list of third-party companies that will be supporting their new console that includes; 505 Games, Activision Publishing, Inc, ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co., Ltd, Atlus Co., Ltd, Audiokinetic Inc, Autodesk, Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc, Bethesda, Capcom Co., Ltd, Codemasters, CRI Middleware Co., Ltd, DeNA Co., Ltd, Electronic Arts, Epic Games Inc, Firelight Technologies, FromSoftware, Inc, Frozenbyte, GameTrust, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc, Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc, Hamster Corporation, Havok, Inti Creates Co., Ltd, Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd, LEVEL-5 Inc, Marvelous Inc, Maximum Games, LLC, Nippon Ichi Software, Inc, Parity Bit Inc, PlatinumGames Inc, RAD Game Tools, Inc, RecoChoku Co., Ltd, SEGA Games Co., Ltd, Silicon Studio Corporation, Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd, Square Enix Co, Ltd, Starbreeze Studios, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc, Telltale Games, THQ Nordic, Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd, TT Games, Ubisoft, Ubitus Inc, Unity Technologies, Inc, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment & Web Technology Corp.

*Original Post*

After a less than successful run with the Wii U, Nintendo finally looks poised to step into their latest generation of console. We’ve had countless rumours over a two-year period about just what the (codenamed) NX system will be – from modular controllers to docking stations and oh so many hoaxes along the way.

Today the gaming giant has finally revealed the Nintendo Switch, and it’s confirmed a lot of speculation. Initially shown playing the latest Legend of Zelda title Breath of the Wild, the Switch doesn’t seem that dissimilar from any other home console. Then it is revealed that the console’s base unit detaches to allow the system to function on the go as a handheld device.


Resembling a sleeker Wii U Gamepad, the console controls lite a tablet with stick and buttons mounted on each side, which can be removed and clipped back together. Also shown is the console’s ability to use a pro controller on the go, which seems useful for long train commutes.

While the number of game reveals was limited (no sign of Pokémon or the rumoured Beyond Good & Evil 2 exclusive), We did get a glimpse of the aforementioned Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild along with,  Splatoon,  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and an unannounced Mario title.


So while we wait for more information (like will my Amiibo carry forward to the new console?), I will say that on first impressions… I’m pretty excited for March 2017.

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