The First Power Rangers Trailer Has Been Released

The trailer that many 90’s kids have been waiting for is finally here, the first teasers for Lionsgate’s new Power Rangers Movie.

In the trailer, we learn a bit about the origin of our new heroes and how they go from average teenagers to the super-powered, planet saving rangers we know and love.

The tease had been expected given the cast’s attendance at this year’s New York comic con and the fact that we aren’t much more than half a year away from the release of the movie.

Unlike the popular TV show, it appears that this group of Rangers are not summoned by Zordon and instead discover the power coins while apparently up to no good. We get also get a Toby Maguire Spider-Man moment as Jason, the red ranger, looks at his reflection with surprise, discovering he’s significantly more toned than he was the night before.

The TV show never really went into how much power the characters had outside of the suit, something this first trailer seems to focus almost entirely on as the group test their newly found superpowers. As an added bonus, we finally get to hear Elizabeth Banks as protagonist Rita Repulsa.

The all-new Power Rangers wil be morphing into action March 24, 2017.

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