Tear it Up as a Shrink-Ray-Wielding Gorilla in Streets of Rogue

The alpha for Matt Debrowski’s indie shooter-brawler-RPG-co-op mega-game, Streets of Rogue is now ready for action, and as its abundant hyphen-ing might well suggest, it’s certainly got a lot to pack into its pixelly, top-down realm.

Lovingly described as an anarchic blend of Hotline Miami and Nuclear Throne, Streets of Rogue melds a class-based gameplay with roguelike action in a pacy romp throughout a procedurally-generated city.

Choosing from a wealth of over 40 playable character types, players are free to tackle Streets in whichever way they choose, utilising items, abilities and environmental advantages to traverse the game’s chaotic town. You can tote a hulking shotgun to conquer AI-dominated alleys, tear up the scene as a gorilla or sneakily bypass skirmishes as a talented cyber hacker – though each carries its own weakness.

There’s even a shady Investment Banker class, allowing you to climb the corporate ladder by way of merciless bribery. If you can handle his voracious drug addition, that is.

Streets of Rogue is expected to release in August 2017 for PC. If you’re already itching for some shooty, brawly, roguey, co-op mega-fun however, the Alpha build is currently available to download for free via the game’s official website. For more information, you can check out the game’s Steam page here.


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Charlie is a platforming romantic from England, that still speaks in a fashion that died with the Elizabethan era. Having been gaming since the days of Crash Bandicoot, he champions the Playstation, and is only a little bit embarassed that Super Mario Land keeps spelling his defeat.