Conquer The Daily Grind in Office Freakout

Work. Rage. Conquer.

We’ve all had those days. No matter how many problems you solve, how many reports you file, or how many cheery Hello’s you make, your daily efforts just don’t seem to register, making it easy to feel invisible. Luckily – thanks to the realms of cyber-space – there’ll always be games like Office Freakout to offer a place to vent.

In Hollow Robot’s new first-person destruction-festplayers are cast as Philbert; a hapless cubicle-dweller in an office that never appreciates him. But after years of loyal service finds him promptly fired, he takes to his former work quarters in a storm of furious vengeance, obliterating cubicles, printers and those tacky slogan mugs that could drive a person crazy.

In Office Freakout, players get to purge their frustrations in a standard office environment, using anything from baseball bats to patronising office trophies to clobber up to 90 percent of the surroundings. Your rage bar gradually increases as you conquer your surroundings, boosting your score and granting access to a host of wacky perks as you draw ever nearer to the domain of your detestable boss. There’s even a collectible “Golden Poo” to aid your quest of chaos. You’ve only a limited amount of time in each room, however, so you’ll need to watch the clock. Revenge doesn’t need a lunch

Office Freakout releases on September 27 2016 on PC. For more information, you can check out the game’s official website here, or follow the game on Twitter.


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