Go on an Anti-Adventure in Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Take in the Trash.

Outer space might be filled with brain-squeezing vacuum and brushes with alien nasties, but at least the prices out there are decent. And in Sundae Month’s Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, it’s your job to clean up the mess after the interplanetary spree is over.

Developed by indie studio Sundae Month, Diaries takes players on a pixelated “anti-adventure” about hauling alien trash and “evaluating your life decisions.” 

Players take on the role of the Janitor; a blue, hybrid beast-girl with dreams of exploring realms beyond her home on Xabran’s Rock. Quite contrary to her astronomical hopes, however, she’s also a low-ranking trash-incinerator, and must traverse an odd, alien bazaar in search of discarded morsels.

Players can explore a maze-like alien town, excavating alleys, plazas and side-streets in search of rubbish to burn. Of course, there’s the occasional “mysterious subterranean sewerdungeon” or “ominously symmetrical Ziggurat” to explore, to ensure your job doesn’t get too maddening. The elusive spirits floating about various lands are there for that, anyway.


While routine certainly seems a part of Spaceport’s extraterrestrial odyssey – with food and resource management appearing pivotal to your janitor’s survival, deviation from your trash be-laden ways might lead to interesting developments. Investigating various arcane regions and shrouded caverns might get you haunted by otherworldly spirits, requiring players to pray to alien Goddesses and take part in rituals to banish their pesky whisperings.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is available now for PC via Steam and itch.io. For more information, you can check out tinyBuild’s official website here, or follow the publisher via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

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