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Break, Enter and Stay Alive in Hello Neighbor

Just because tinyBuild have a reputation for cute comedic choices embezzled with retro flair, doesn’t mean things can’t get a little sinister every now and again. And what better way to exercise your inner creep than with some good old-fashioned breaking and entering. In Dynamic Pixels’ new game, Hello Neighbour, that is. We’d not recommend real-life trespassing.

Developed by indie studio Dynamic Pixels, Hello Neighbour is a new horror game, blending challenging stealth progression with an advanced AI system that learns from your every move. As the cheery new addition to an idyllic suburban town, you begin to notice your neighbour hiding something in their basement. Naturally, you take it upon yourself to uncover the mysterious oddity by breaking into their house.

As you tip-toe through the lodgings of your new village-mate, you’ll need to keep a close watch on the game’s interconnected rooms, as your neighbour is more than ready to take you on. Thanks to an advanced AI system, your opponent reacts to each move you make, laying down traps, anticipating your next move and (as seen in the thrilling trailer above) sneak up behind you to give you a good-old fright.

Hello Neighbor is expected to release in summer 2017 on PC. You can also sign up to try out the Alpha, by subscribing to the developer’s mailing list. For more information, you can check out the game’s official Steam page here, or visit it’s official website here.



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