No Man’s Sky Update Fixes Issues With Resource Loss and Corrupted Saves

No Man’s Sky released to a shaky reception. Having launched for both PC and PlayStation 4, the game remains technically troublesome for many, but thanks to a new patch from developer Hello Games, players across both systems will hopefully be in for a smoother ride across the game’s 18 quintillion planets.

The update – titled 1.09 – is mostly dedicated to bug fixes, though several changes have been made to remove some of the game’s frustration. According to the official patch notes, players will now be able to recover corrupted save files more easily, while encountering fewer crashes over their intergalactic travels.

Various tweaks to the challenge level have also been made – though you shouldn’t expect the game to go easier on you if you’re already finding things tough. Gek factory doors will no longer suffer critical hits from grenades, and destroying them will see inevitable rises in your Wanted Level – no matter how powerful your Multitool is.

However, the issue with transferring fully-stacked items between the Exosuit and Starship has now been fixed, making it less likely for players to lose resources. You also won’t be able to open crates if you’ve a full inventory.

No Man’s Sky launched this August for PC and PlayStation 4, scoring 5 out of 10 in our review. While the game has been praised for its innovative design and colourful visuals, it continues to receive criticism for its repetitive gameplay, restrictive survival elements and multiple glitches.

Other patches include framerate improvements when scanning larger structures like Spacestations and Outposts, fixes to creature generation crashes and a solved issue with text, prompting and name display within the Japanese version of the game.

Hopefully, following the new update, Hello Games will be able to focus more on adding that giant space freighter confirmed earlier.

[Source: No Man’s Sky Log, Polygon]

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