Cry Car-abunga in Physics-Based Platformer Clustertruck

Clustertruck – sprung from indie developer Landfall Games – sounds like Nathan Drake’s idea of the perfect summer getaway. Set against a variety of suspended landscapes, the idea of leaping dangerously between the tops of speeding automobiles certainly sounds like the ideal break from high-octane train chases and life-threatening shoot-outs. And if you’ve a penchant for fast-paced platforming mayhem or a proclivity for leaps of faith – it’ll probably be up your street too.

Published by Party Hard studio tinyBuild, Clustertruck sees players leaping perilously across the tops of moving trucks, crossing fateful chasms and precarious rifts in an automotive game of the floor is lava. 

Supplemented with a Level Editor and full Twitch integration, the game blends physics-based action with a minimalist art style to create a quirky platforming adventure. As you might expect of a tirade of insatiable truck-surfing – it can get rather quite chaotic.

Clustertruck releases on September 27 2016 for PC, Mac and Linux. You can also nab it for 20%-off launch price by pre-purchasing the game via Steam, for £8.79. For more information, you can visit the game’s official website here, or follow the developer on Twitter.

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Charlie is a platforming romantic from England, that still speaks in a fashion that died with the Elizabethan era. Having been gaming since the days of Crash Bandicoot, he champions the Playstation, and is only a little bit embarassed that Super Mario Land keeps spelling his defeat.