Resident Evil 7 Details Revealed By ESRB

Ahead of its release in January next year, a number of details surrounding Resident Evil 7 have been revealed by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

The listing appeared on the ESRB yesterday, disclosing some interesting details surrounding the game’s plot and gameplay. Though the information has now been removed, screenshots from Gematsu and Wario64 confirm that Resident Evil 7 will feature a guy named Ethan as its main protagonist, who searches “for his missing wife in a derelict mansion.” ESRB has since confirmed the accuracy of the previous listing, in a statement given to Polygon.

The game was also stated to take place from a first-person perspective, though this was already showcased in the game’s previously-shared gameplay footage during this year’s Gamescom.

The listing went on to mention Resident Evil 7’s combat, affirming that players will have access to “pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and chainsaws” in order to “kill mutant creatures” – with suitably gory results.

According to the ratings board, players can expect to encounter character dismemberment and limb-slicing shovels; with one particularly unlucky chump being impaled through the face. All the while, “exposed organs” and “mutilated corpses” were described to scatter some areas. Perhaps understandably, players can expect to hear quite a bit of swearing from Ethan as he ventures deeper into the mansion’s twisted underbelly.

Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24 2017 for the PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. It’ll also be playable on the PlayStation VR.


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