New Legend of Zelda Artbook Coming from Dark Horse Comics

A new art book from publisher Dark Horse Comics is on the way, offering a collection of series artwork and a ton of new interviews named The Legend of Zelda: Arts and Artifacts.

According to Dark Horse, Arts and Artifacts will be 400 pages long, and include a collection of “rare promotional art,” as well as exclusive interviews with the Zelda creative team. The artbook will also include a sneak peek at the artwork for upcoming Wii U and NX title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can see some of the artwork included in the images below (via. Polygon).

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As reported by GameSpot, Dark Horse also describe the book to feature “fully realized artistic masterpieces, exclusive interviews with the design team behind the beloved video game franchise, the official pixel art of the early series, and rare promotional art never before published in this format.”

The book is expected to release on February 21 2017. Though no specific release date has been given for Breath of the Wild yet, if the book’s date is correct, the game will release some time afterwards.

Arts and Artifacts is currently available to pre-order on Amazon and Penguin Random House.

[Source: Polygon, GameSpot]

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