New Pokémon Sun and Moon Info Confirms New Meowth

It seems that Pokémon Sun and Moon is as excited for release as its fans, as monthly poké-mag CoroCoro has shared yet more information surrounding the upcoming 3DS game.

Alongside the revamped Vulpix and Sandshrew shared in the previous trailer, Sun and Moon will see new Alolan versions for both Meowth and Marowak.

Whilst Marowak embraces its new green fire-staff, Meowth seems to have come to the dark side, now flaunting a new grey look. Judging by his expression in the magazine, he’s rather smug about it. You can see him in all his elegant glory over on Serebii.

Also shown in this month’s issue were the all-new sand types native to the Alola Region – including a plucky sand pile by the name of Sunabaa, as well as its charming evolved state, Shirodesuna. Red Panda Bewear also made an appearance, though quite how he’ll strike fear into his opponents remains a mystery.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Shirodesuna

Meowth and Marowak aren’t the only ones getting a do-over in Sun and Moon. A new trailer was released today, showing off a newfangled Raichu – who appears to be a surfing fan, using its tail to zoom around.

The video also delves into Team Skull: the franchises newest bunch of ne’erdowells. You can see the villains in action in the trailer above.

Pokémon Sun and Moon releases on November 23 2016 for the 3DS.

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