Battlefield 1 Collectors Edition Doesn’t Include the Game

There have been a number of odd collectors editions released for games, ranging from having strange items to costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, we have one that doesn’t include the game itself.

Right now, Amazon is selling a collectors edition of Battlefield 1 that is exclusive to the website. This collectors edition costs $130 and includes a 14-inch statue, deck of cards, a messenger pigeon tube that holds DLC, a steelbook case, a cloth poster and a patch.

However,the major item missing is the game itself.

Yes, while you get extra content for Battlefield 1 itself, you don’t get the actual game in the collector’s edition. If you really want to have the game with this collector’s edition, then you will have to pay $190.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think of this. Personally, I’d expect every edition of a game to include the game itself, however this gives consumers more options on how they want to buy Battlefield 1. Maybe they can get the game for cheap, but still want to get all the collectible stuff. Now these people have the option.

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