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Mass Event for ARG The Black Watchmen is Now Live

Permanent Alternate Reality Game, The Black Watchmen, is currently holding a mass live action event, spanning 125 cities in over 25 countries.

The event sees players gathering recon photos of local post office, in attempt to build a Global Alert Network to overthrow a biological attack. The event has been live for around 48 hours, and has already seen a wealth of input across 4 continents.

The event continues until Saturday, August 20, when a special event will take place to celebrate the launch of the game’s newest DLC, Mother Russia. 

You can read the event’s official description below:

“The narrative of the events involves a series of biological attacks delivered via mail across the globe. Players, acting as field agents of the paramilitary group The Black Watchmen, must take recon photos and gather wifi information from local post offices, to set up a monitoring network and intercept the contaminated letters before they reach their targets. “

You can see the cities activated by players via a real-time map here. While many players have recruited their family members into the photo-taking fray, others have taken to the Reddit community in search of field intelligence.

You can keep up to date with the live event via the in-game Twitter account, or by following the hashtag #opSILVERSPEAR.

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