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Killing Floor 2 Arrives on PC and PS4 This November

As was announced on the PlayStation Blog, the wildly popular shooter Killing Floor 2 will be leaving Steam’s Early Access on November 18, in a full release for PC and PS4.

According to the game’s official website, the full game includes a variety of additions, including new enemies, an expanded perk system and a “unique blend of weaponry” that ranges from high-tech military assaults to heavy, historical guns. There’s even the odd ‘Mad Scientist’ weapon thrown in for good measure.

Whilst perfectly playable solo, the game also sports online multiplayer – supporting up to six players in a co-op tirade against swathes of zombies. Or, if you’re the competitive type, you can dive into the game’s 12-player PvP mode, in a gloriously gory match of Humans vs. Zed.

The PC digital release will be priced at £19.99 on Steam, while a deluxe version will be available for £29.99. In collaboration with publishers Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive, it’ll also be hitting stores, in a deluxe retail release on both PC and PS4, for £29.99.

Killing Floor 2 releases for PC and PS4 on November 18 2016. For more information, you can check out the game’s official website here, or follow developer Tripwire on Twitter.

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