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Pokémon GO Patch Cuts Tracking Feature, Fan-Tools Shut Down

Though Pokémon GO seems to have taken many a neighbourhood by storm, it’s certainly not without its issues. Aside from server issues and account troubles, users have reported crashes and broken features; something developer Niantic has recently responded to, in the augmented-reality app’s first major patch.

The game’s tracking feature (intended to show the proximity of nearby Pokémon via footprints) has been removed, with Niantic expressing their awareness of the issues the system caused. The battery-saving feature on iOS was also yoinked, after users claimed the mode caused crashes. As such, the developer has cut it completely from the game.

Following the unnerving rise of road accidents in Japan after the app’s official Japanese launch last week (via. Japan Times), the patch also sees new warnings advising players not to use the app whilst driving. Similar warnings surrounding trespassing, environmental awareness and steering clear of dangerous areas have also popped up (via. Always Nintendo).

Pokemon Go Warning Driving

Spawn locations also see minor adjustments, with locations seeing a different assortment of Pokémon as to what has been seen previously. Whilst Pidgey and Rattata seem as abundant as ever in parts of the UK, run-ins with Geodudes and Raticates seem more common following the update.

Perhaps as a result of its omissions, the app’s running speed is speedier, with a faster user interface. Players can also alter the appearance of their trainer whenever they choose, and badges have seen a marked improvement in design. Favourited Pokémon cannot be transferred now however, though as reported by Eurogamer, this could be a bug.

Pokemon Go trainer

Despite a quicker performance and several tweaks, the patch has proven frustrating for a few users. Some have had to start their game afresh, and a number of fan-made add ons have been shut down.

Popular fan-service Pokévision was recently forced underwater, with nifty tools such as pin-pointing the spawn locations of specific Pokémon rendered inaccessible. As Niantic have offered no in-game alternative to locate certain critters, some fans have even claimed they will stop playing if the issue isn’t fixed, according to Eurogamer.

Pokémon GO saw its official launch in Australia, New Zealand and the States on July 6 2016. The game began rolling out in Europe on July 13, reaching the UK on July 14. The game is now available in over 30 countries, having hit Japan last Friday.

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