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5 Tips for starting No Man’s Sky

After four years of development, and patient waiting from fans, No Man’s Sky has finally hit store fronts. Thousands of gamers across the globe have been exploring their own little corner of a whole universe. Already over 10 million different species have been discovered, with still much more to be found. But before all that happened, all these players started at square one. Marooned on an unknown planet, no supplies to work with, and a crashed ship in the background. From the get go, players are overloaded with information, be it what resources are needed to fuel your ship, or what building contain new blueprints. So, for anyone who has just started off in No Man’s Sky, or considering picking up the game, here are five tips for starting off your journey in this massive game.

Expand your inventory slots as quickly as you can

No Mans Sky 3

One of the most annoying aspects in No Man’s Sky is the inventory size. At the start, you will have little room to store materials. Your top priority should be trying to expand your inventory in your Exo-suit and spaceship as soon as you can. Expanding your ships inventory is easy, just buy a new ship. Ships vary in cost in No Man’s Sky, either costing hundreds of thousands, or millions of units. If these prices are too high, you can always search for a crashed ship on a planet. An easy way to this is to look for an observatory on a planet. In there, all you have to do is solve an easy number puzzle, and a signal of a crashed ship will pop up on your map. These crashed ships are completely random, so the ship quality is all down to luck. Bare in mind, mending these crashed ships will take a vast amount resources, so make sure you can afford to give up the materials.

Next, we have the exo-suit inventory. Unlike the ship, your exo-suit will stick with you for your entire journey. From the get go, you will only have 12 inventory slots available, but this can be upgraded. The first upgrade is free, and then will cost 10,000 units and increase in cost by increments of 10,000 units. You will be able to find these upgrades in space stations, but you will need a V1 Atlas Pass to get to it. Besides space stations, inventory upgrades can be found in drop pods on the surface of planets. To track down these drop pods, look for a scanner at a base, they have an orange beam coming out of them. Craft a bypass chip to access it and select the shelter option from the list, which will mark the location of a drop pod on the planet.

Keep an eye on the values of items from traders

No Mans Sky 1

Whenever you visit space stations or certain passes on planets, you will be able to sell the items you have gathered to the galactic market. Certain items have high selling values no matter where you are, but the values of other materials can fluctuate. These items can be either bought or sold at lower or higher than the galactic average. If you want to make a quick buck, you should make a note of any item that is being bought at more than the galactic average, in particular. You can sell these items for twice their value depending on what solar system your in.

The best items to take advantage of this increased selling value is basic crafting items. Most of them can be found in plentiful supplies on planets. If you see the likes of plutonium or zinc having a higher selling price, start hoarding up these materials. Just make sure you have enough open inventory slots when gathering up these resources.

Always be on the lookout for blueprints

No Mans Sky 2

Blueprints in No Man’s Sky are vital for players. These blueprints are needed to craft new tech for your ship, exo-suit, and multi-tool. The more blueprints the player has, the better chance they have of surviving on the trillions of planets in the universe. But what’s the point of knowing the importance of blueprints if you don’t know where to find them?

Multi-tool upgrades are the easiest ones to find and are the most abundant. The monitors that give you tool upgrades are found mounted on walls in bases and behind locked doors on space stations. These upgrades vary from gun mods, increasing mining speed, and access to grenades. Crafting recipes, exo-suite and spaceship upgrades are harder to find. These are given from interactions with aliens, salvaging from crashed ships, and from raiding manufacturing plants. These locations can have some of the most important blueprints in No Man’s Sky. These can be upgrades to your hyperdrive, protection from atmospheric hazards, and better trustees to name a few.

You can find manufacturing stations while scanning from orbit, or activating a beacon on the surface of a planet. Just be ready to fend off sentinels. Some bases will require the player to blow up the locked door to the building, which leads to sentinels being called to the area.

Follow the path of the Atlas to find an Atlas pass

No Mans Sky 4

Earlier I mentioned that an Atlus pass is needed to open a locked door on space stations. As well as opening locked doors, these passes are needed to open up certain containers scattered throughout the universe. These passes are one of the most useful items in the game, as they unlock areas reach with items for players to grab. But obtaining one of these passes can be tricky. One way of getting the Atlus pass is following the path of the Atlus.

In the beginning, you will be given the option of either freely moving through the universe, or following the path of the Atlus. Choosing the path of the Atlus will result in a particular alien spawning after a number of warp jumps, around 3 or 4 jumps. After talking to the monolith, it will mark the location of an Atlus station on the galactic map. Going to this Atlus station will net you two warp cells and an interaction with a spherical alien. After this interaction, the player will see an anomaly at the next star they warp to. At the anomaly, the player will meet two aliens and have the chance to upgrade their multi-tool. Once the player talks to the aliens, they will receive the recipe to make a V1 Atlus pass.

Always upload your findings

No Mans Sky 5

One of the big selling points for No Man’s Sky is the ability to name any creature, plant, planet or star system a player discovers for the first time. This aspect of No Man’s Sky reinforces the atmosphere of a lone traveller, venturing into a universe for the first time. However, one aspect of this naming process is never fully explained in No Man’s Sky. While scanning creatures and plants on a planet, you are awarded small amounts of units. If you go into the options menu you see a list of all the discoveries you have made. It is at this menu where you are able to name your discoveries and upload them for all to see, and players are awarded bonus units for uploading these names.

These values may seem small at face value, but letting these discoveries build up can see players net a good amount of units. So when you venture off into No Man’s Sky again, make sure to check all the creatures and planets you have discovered on your journeys. You might be sitting on a small fortune.

Hopefully, you’ll find some use in this short guide, and apply it to your journeys in No Man’s Sky. Now go out there and explore many of the 18-Quintillion planets this game has to offer.

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