You won’t need PlayStation Plus to play No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is only weeks away from release and gamers are asking many questions about the game. One question though that is not being asked is whether PlayStation Plus will be needed to play the game. Well wonder no longer as new information on the question has come to light.

Earlier today, Game Informer announced that PlayStation Plus will not be needed to play the game. A statement Sony gave to Game Informer was “PS Plus won’t be a requirement to play online.” The statement goes on to say that if you want to register any of your discoveries to the games atlas, you will need an internet connection.

This is good to hear. The chances of encountering any players in the game will be slim to none. These odds are so low that both Sony and Hello Games consider No Man’s Sky as a single player experience.

Even though Hello Games may be in more legal trouble because of the super formula used to make the games universe, there has been no word of the game getting another delay. No Man’s Sky will be out on August 9th for North America, 10th for Europe, and 12th for the UK.

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