Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer Released

Star Wars Celebrations has just finished up in London, and we have new trailers for anything that is Star Wars. During the Rebels panel at the event, Rebels creator Dave Filoni showed off the trailer for Rebels season three.

The trailer shows off a number of new designs for the Ghost crew for the new season. The main changes see Kanan wearing a face mask, and Ezra having shorter hair and wielding a green lightsaber. Other minor changes include Sabine with a new hair colour, Hera wearing a command insignia, and Zeb wearing less armour. A host of characters will be making their return in season three including Hondo, the Mandalorian Fenn Rau, and Darth Maul.

Season three sees the Ghost crew help build up the rebellions forces by stealing Y-wings from an Imperial scrap yard. Maul, once again, will tempt Ezra with the power of the dark side at some point during the season. We’ll also see a group of Imperial pilots will defect to the rebellion, revealing one of the new characters for season three, Wedge Antilles, the future leader of Rogue Squadron. The biggest reveal, however, has to be the return of a beloved villain from the Star Wars Legend series. Grand Admiral Thrawn.


For anyone unfamiliar with the character, Thrawn was first introduced in the first Star Wars Legends book Heir to the Empire. The character was created by Timothy Zan, who helped the creators of Rebels bring Thrawn to the new Star Wars Cannon. Thrawn’s reveal was easily the highlight of the panel, with the entire crowd exploding with cheers. From the trailer, season three of Rebels looks very promising. The new character designs look good, there are interesting story arcs planned out for the show, and there are some amazing new characters being brought in for season three.

Personally, I am looking forward to watching season three of Rebels. The new character designs look good, and there are interesting story arcs planned out for the show. Plus, there are are some amazing characters being brought in for season three. I just hope that the Rebels team do a great job with bringing Thrawn into the cannon.

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