San Diego Comic-Con 2016: All Future Telltale Games To Support Multiplayer

Over the years, Telltale Games have become one of the major players in modern adventure gaming. Their depthy narrative and grounded characters struck popular among many, plucking at fans’ heartstrings with tough, consequential decisions. And now, the developer plans to bring a multiplayer edge to their games’ defining choices, with the addition of a new game mode making its way to audiences this August.

The news was announced by the developer during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. At the beginning of each game, players will have the option to turn on ‘Crowd Play’, which appears to act as a kind of voting system for players in the same room. Selecting the mode will generate an URL that can be accessed by others in the room via a phone, tablet or PC, allowing them to ‘log in’ to the game to select specific decisions.

Choosing from a selection of four dialogue options, each crowd player’s choice is tallied into an on-screen percentage, to inform the player of the route their fellow decision-makers wish to take. According to Shack News, players can also opt to either have the final say on which path is taken, or allow the game to automatically give precedence to the most popular vote. Voters will also be able to give a ‘thumbs up or thumbs down’ on each overall decision, letting the player know how choices are being received.

Allegedly supporting over 2,000 players, the new feature offers some promising potential for streaming, or even mass interactive events. Whilst (as reported by Shack News) streaming was discussed by Job Stauffer, Head of Telltale Creative Communications however, he mentioned that “latency issues” currently complicate the process.

Crowd Play will make its debut on August 2, in Telltale’s new Batman game. For more information, you can check out Telltale’s official website here, or follow the studio on Twitter.



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