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Prevent Alien Invasion in Infinium Strike

Codex Worlds, a small indie-studio formed by a smattering of ex-Ubisoft producers, present Infinium Strike: an action-strategy game that sees players as humanity’s last hope of defense in the throws of deep space. Players control an assortment of hefty weaponry, intergalactic battle-fleets and futuristic technology, commanding a human battlecarrier in order to save Earth from the belligerent alien Wrog.

Infinium Strike sees players operating The Freedom Strike: a high-tech battlecarrier equipped with super-tech weaponry and offensive drone fleets. There’s a variety of turrets to choose from, each with its own benefits and downsides against certain enemy types.

Each turret is also fully upgradeable, allowing players to use the ‘Infinium’ scavenged from destroyed enemy ships to bolster their line of defense. You might even send a few Drone Fleets out to weaken armoured enemy ships, or access the Strike’s specialised SuperTech to deliver a hefty blow to multiple opponents at once. 

Infinium Strike is out now for the PC on Steam, and is expected to hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year. A demo is also available to download via the game’s official site. For more information, you can visit Codex World’s website here.

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