Mattel Announces Jurassic World Toys for 2018

Major league toy manufacturer Mattel has recently been awarded a new license. Starting in 2017, the company will begin to produce “a wide variety of toys and consumer products” inspired by the popular Jurassic World franchise.

As mentioned in an official press release (via. Action Figure Insider), Mattel’s license covers a wealth of different products, including “action figures, play-sets, vehicles, games, plush, role-play, pre-school and activity toys.” 

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Mattel and broadening Jurassic World products worldwide. The appetite for the franchise globally is stronger than ever with consumers wanting more.  Mattel’s global support, creativity and category approach to expand our franchise makes them the best choice to partner with for this brand, bringing innovation, technology and a host of new ways to play,” said NBCUniversal Brand Development President, Vince Klaseus.

“Jurassic World is more than awe-inspiring blockbuster films, it’s a brand that has been reaching consumers for more than twenty years on everything from video games, toys and apparel, to theme park attractions and live events.  Our focus for the franchise is to continue to collaborate with best-in-class partners as we build and expand this iconic property into a mega-brand across our Universal platforms.”

The Jurassic World goodies are expected to hit shelves in 2018, and are set to include items based on highly anticipated sequel, ‘Jurassic World 2’. You can check out the full press release over on Action Figure Insider. 

Mattel is renowned for its multiple lines of toys, collectibles and consumer products, as well as their frequent collaboration with big-name entertainment companies. Some of their current ranges include Barbie, Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends and Fisher Price.

Jurassic World released in 2015, and stormed the box office with a gross exceeding $1.67 bilion. A sequel was confirmed for 2018. With actors Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard reprising their roles of the first film, the new script will be written by Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, along with Derek Connolly. Steven Spielberg is also set to executive-produce the film alongside Trevorrow.

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